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Who of us would not want your own eyes to look at the lives of famous people, when they have not yet reached the peak of his celebrity? British comedy series “our William Shakespeare”, who keeps all the traditions of British sitcoms, gives us just such an opportunity. With our main character, we meet at a time when neither of which his literary success and can be no question. Shakespeare lives on the outskirts of London, without giving up his dream to talking about it all over the country. Now he is actively writing his plays, wanting to put them on the main stage of the city. From the first series, we learn that the hero is now working on one of the most famous of his works, telling about the touching love couple minor, robbery of the intransigence of their parents. To find the perfect image for his central character – Belle Juliette – it makes reading the heroine replicas their little daughter, which also is now thirteen years. Already at this stage he is faced with many difficulties, because his daughter is not that very romantic, which he fills every word and aspiration of its main character. But this is not the only obstacle on the way to success – the hero constantly interfere with the rest of the family members do not differ mind, and that’s not to mention the sworn enemy of the writer Robert Greene.