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“This story “”The Mystery of Edwin Drood”” was not written by the famous poet and writer, but completed to the logical end by the authors and Directors of this project. Two heroes Edwin and Rosa have been very nice to each other in childhood and dreamed of a wedding in the future. But by coincidence is the uncle of the guy John also has designs on the young and defenseless beauty Rose. He even thinks up a plan to kill his rival, or rather his nephew. Uncle is not very shone his pure soul, when I was doing Bong hits while singing in a local monastery. But he in every possible way praised the devotion and love to the nephew.
Meanwhile, unexpectedly in the city, new characters a brother and sister, Neville and Helena, respectively. And just for Edwina, there is another opponent, which for the soul came the beautiful rose. These two guys constantly fight and fight because of her, and Neville always reproaches Edwin in a bad attitude to such a Princess. They are often reconciles uncle John Jasper, soldering those strange drink.
Soon Evin disappears at random, and Neville is blamed for everything that had every reason to kill the boy. A little after keeping the guy in prison, his release, and in the world it’s calm as long as Klostergade one very suspicious man named dick Decheri begins to follow uncle Jasper.
On that note, Charles Dickens finished his narrative, but this film has its own end of the plot, which is as interesting as the novel itself. The mystery of the gray-haired man will be revealed soon, but the intrigue of this story is carried away by the writer to the grave.”