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This exciting and very eventful project “Outcasts” shows us a pretty unusual, unusual for our eyes area. All the action takes place in a rather remote from civilization place, somewhere on the canadian border. This is a separate place where indigenous people live, who do not like visitors and treat them very cautiously and cautiously. This area is surrounded on all sides by pretty big hills, as well as a terrible, impenetrable forest in which wild animals live. It is on these lands the Appalachian mountains for some reason decided to move the family Farlow. People seemed to have decided from whom to hide and start a new life here, whatever, and who once did not see them. Only here the reasons why they moved here committed is not known to anyone. Maybe they annoy someone, or crossed the line of acceptable ,and therefore decided to hide. Of course, the indigenous people are not happy with the new neighbors. After all, they are used to live a large family and always stay together, and these visitors do not want to know them and constantly stay at a distance. This further aggravates the situation and the discontent with them grows. So when the empty house located on top of a mountain is not just a shelter but also a safe haven, which they constantly have to defend. These people are not going to obey anyone and will defend their home by all means. Except that they didn’t think they would have pretty often is in a state of war, because no locals ,no old enemies are not going to leave these people alone.