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The heroine of the Comedy TV series “American housewife” season 3 is a fat mother of three children Katie Otto, the opponent of all diets and a lover of pizza. Otto family lives in Westport a prestigious suburb, where the skinny adherents of fitness and vegetable cocktails set the tone. Glamorous residents of the town waste female energy on endless training and boast of flat stomachs and ideal parameters, but the figure lady despises the neighbors for hypocrisy. The opinion of the housewife is shared by her husband Greg, who helps her wife to raise children-a kind of Anna-cat, sexy Taylor and too correct Oliver.
Meanwhile, Katie has a problem-the town leaves the most dimensional lady Westport, tired of suffering the ridicule of ideal wives. Her departure makes the heroine the second thick in the suburbs, which is impossible to endure. Cherished dream Katy to settle near him even more gorgeous person, but the vacant house becomes interested taut beauty with fitness bracelets. The fat housewife is not going to accept this.

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