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The basis for the creation of the mystical series was the novel of the same name, dedicated to Dan Simmons held in the middle of the 19th century expedition, during which researchers tried to find the Northwest passage. In the ten episodes of the first season, we have to get acquainted with all the difficulties that have fallen to the share of sailors – riots, cannibalism, terrible cold and hunger, as well as attacks on the team of mythical creatures. The Arctic expedition began in 1845, and was headed by an experienced Navigator John Franklin, under whose leadership the vessels Erebus and Terror sailed. John is eager to find a place that can be the most convenient way to go to the Pacific ocean from the Atlantic. Initially, the expedition is without too much difficulty, but the situation is gradually deteriorating. A year after the start of the voyage, both ships are stuck in the ice near the Canadian Arctic archipelago. Initially, the sailors believed that they would quickly be able to free themselves from the ice captivity, but here they will spend almost two nightmarish years, which became the last for most of the heroes.