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“Man in High Castle” displays the events of WWII from Philip Dick’s point of view. His eponymous novel gained much appraisal and draw attention of series editors’ to genre of alternative history in general. Fascist Germany and Japan win in the war, the other countries are divided among them. Events take place in the 60iesof the XX century. Youth of an American underground organization make films where the war’s outcome is shown as the opposite one. Those, who remember the USA an independent country, do their best to show the face of this country as it was before the war. They make a documentary film and try to attract as many newts as they can to share these ideas and inspire the others. This film will have to be shown to the others and the cinema reel will have to be delivered to the neural territory between Americas. Joe and Jules are the two chosen for the mission. “Man in High Castle” will show what resistance to the regime resulted in and guarantees unexpected final.