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Many would envy Carrie Wells, because she has a unique gift – detective series heroine is not able to remember anything that had ever happened to her. That’s only for the girls to remember everything – quite an ordeal, because she can not forget it is not only good but also bad, which greatly overshadows its existence. After all, in the life of each one of us it happens to a lot of different troubles, which eventually turns out to forget, but Carrie does not treat even the time. She is forced to live with the burden of their memories. However, the heroine has learned not to suffer from the gravity of the cargo. This influenced her life into two areas: personal and professional. Carrie was the kind of “fatal” woman who almost empathizes his own, for the most part temporary lovers. But at the same time her heart lives a kind of passion for El Burns. This guy, by the way, is not only personal but also professional side of her life – El Burns headed by one of the police units of the New York Police Department. And Carrie, thanks to his gift, perfectly helps the detectives to deal with the disclosure of even the most mysterious crimes … Only one murder Carrie can not reveal – many years ago, her sister was killed under mysterious circumstances, and her killer still roams free.