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“The Real O’Neals” is a visual chronology of a Chicago family that at a first glance seems decent, happy and satisfied with what they have and plan to achieve. One could even think that they are sure of their next day will be better than the previous and took it with optimism. Though, each of them as normal person has his/her small or big secret. De facto, head of the family is mother Eileen. Pat, her husband, police officer, secretly dreams of divorce and can not dare to talk about it with his spouse. Jimmy, the eldest child of 17, is keen on sport activity and anorexia simultaneously. Shannon, 16-year old girl, entertain herself with stealing the part of church’s profit from the clergyman. 14-year old Kenny ventures for coming- out and informs that yes, in fact he is gay and has always been. Beneath the facade of every family member there are “The Real O’Neals” who would like to share their views, be supported and understood.