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“Somewhere in 2068 in the animated series “”The Jetsons”” human progress has stepped very far. George Jetson is 38 years old. It only works 15 hours a week, which takes him three days. George serves as the Corporation’s “”Space gear with Paisley””. His wife Jane is 33 years old. She is a housewife who loves to visit the store “”Lunar Dali””. Judy’s 16-year-old daughter keeps a digital diary and is already interested in boys. Jetsons youngest son, seven-year-old Elroy, clever boy. He’s already in Little bear school. The house has a cyborg-housekeeper Rosa. She is very disciplined, but loves to Express their thoughts out loud. The family also has dog Astro. It’s a smart dog who knows how to talk.

Everything was fine until Jettson was suddenly offered to become Vice President of the company. His boss Mr. with Paisley sends George on the orbital asteroid mining. The family of course players went after him. From that moment, all the Jetsons began the most incredible adventure. In most cases, they are associated with the competing company “”space screws of the Coxwell””.”