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All the intelligent services of the world need continuous inflow of new blood. But how does it take place? What kind of people are recruited so that later to be taught to be specials merciless to the enemies of the country they pledged to protect? How of the usual young man a killing machine is made? What to do if there will be a traitor among the newts? TV series Quantico is about the secret FBI base in Virginia state. Some freshers who has just started working for the Bureau have their training there. Each of the characters at this TV show has own reason for this very job. Narration is about difficulties they have to overcome along with their past they have to grow of. Miranda Show, head of the organization, is severe but fair person. Alex Parrish is non-formal leader of the new group. This smarties in involved in feelings with her co-trainee Ryan Boot. If would have been a description of adult boy scouts’ workdays if there hadn’t been one “but”: one among the group is suspected of secret leading the most grandiose New York terract since 9/11.