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“When parted some couple, by itself the question arises, who will remain friends? This Comedy film “”Happy Endings”” tells the story of the breakup of the relationship between two people, which will lead to the complication of life situations friends, while putting them before the choice. At the onset of a difficult life moment, it is necessary to hold on to loved ones…
Every friendly company has something that attracts and holds them together. For many years, Alex and Dave were such a magnet, holding a number of comrades and friends. But now they have to leave, so will their teammates to keep going with them? Or maybe close people will have to make their choice? Many questions arise in this situation, and they should get a lot of answers. But this company has been for so long together that we must work together to stay on and on, even despite the disagreements. Of course, that Alex and Dave are going to maintain friendly relations, has a positive effect. But children are waited by a set of difficulties. In particular, how to be penny with her feelings for Dave, which she tried to suppress for a long time? And how long does it take to get a date with an ex-boyfriend of her best friend?”