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“The Slap” is a brand new mini-television series, which shows and at the same time casts doubt and changes to all established American stereotypes, values and way of life. The office clerk decides to celebrate his anniversary on a large scale. He sends out invitations to all relatives, friends and even their children, without assuming what price it will cost him in the end. One extremely playful child spoils all celebration: breaks objects falling under hands, rude to elders and even threatens the peers with a baseball bat. The parents of the child feel uncomfortable, but are too soft to put the son in place. But one of the guests found the strength to catch the boy and explain to him that his behavior was on the anniversary guest does not follow. In response, the child without even hesitating, kicked him. The man couldn’t hold back and gave the boy a slap in the face. It would seem, what in it such? But this slap caused a huge number of troubles and problems. Endless lawsuits in court, meetings-this is not the limit, because the problems and disassembly began to occur in the families: constant quarrels, scandals and resentment knew no bounds. Wouldn’t it be better to man at the time, just keep yourself in hand?..