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Mark McKinney, Ben Feldman, America Ferrera, Nico Santos, Nichole Bloom, Colton Dunn



American youth series “Superstore” season 4 was released in 2015 year and for the first season gathered an army of fans who have become indifferent to the fate of his characters. The plot of the series, in the city of Saint Louis there is a supermarket “Cloud 9”, which employs our heroes for the third season consisting of the standard twenty-two episodes lasting as usual 22 minutes. In August 2016, a special series of the show, which he dedicated to the Summer Olympics held in Rio de Janeiro. So, the center of attention almost all the same characters and of course new characters, periodically diluting a cohesive, fun team working in a supermarket “Cloud 9”. Amelia “Amy” Dubanovsky she first worked as a simple assistant, she was entrusted to lead the Department, then assistant Manager and finally became the Manager of the supermarket. Amelia always seems to be another name, as the young woman is not like that strangers know her real name. Dina Fox is the assistant Director of a very active but very useless for a large store. However, her intensive work never goes unnoticed. Garrett McNeill the most indifferent employee of the supermarket and the most sarcastic. His sharp tongue touches everything. Perhaps indifference and sharp sarcasm, a consequence of his physical disability. Mateo Fernando Aquino Liwanag funny Filipino guy. For a long time, felt safe, until learned that he had no real instruments. His caring grandmother turns out to be bought using a fake ID. Cheyenne Tyler Lee finally gave birth to a girl gave birth at the end of the first season and called Harmonic. Glenn Sturgis is the Director of the supermarket. He is a very pious man, an honest Christian and the father of numerous children. “Cloud 9” is a specialty store at a discount. They sell everything including weapons, and of course alcoholic drinks. There is also a pharmacy and until recently had a photo Studio. This assumes hard work, as the Corporation does not involve paid leave for pregnancy and childbirth, no medical insurance and overtime will not be paid. Employees of the supermarket have only 15 minutes for lunch and a short break to visit the common areas for the entire shift. And so they followed the rules almost everywhere are blocking. Employees of the supermarket can breathe freely only after hours and then they begin a tumultuous life that they try, whenever possible, to continue at work. For example Garrett and Dean are trying to put in order the romantic feelings appeared between them; John thinks about his future career; Amy versed with the complexities of married; Mateo continues a secret relationship with a corporate employee, and Cheyenne begins to feel like a real mom.

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