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We all have our own dreams. Louis Juan’s dream has always been to change his life for the better. He, like any American, wanted to build a great career and move with his family to a more spacious house. Therefore, at the beginning of the first part of the serial film Difficulties of assimilation the main character persuaded his wife Jessica, Jenny’s mother and three sons to change their place of residence. Louis sold part of his business, so he could afford to move. They left Washington and settled in a small southern town on the outskirts of Florida. The first thing the man began to make efforts to open a restaurant, which, in his opinion, will help to get rich. Juan’s life is changing for the better, but not for long. When it becomes known that Evan will not be able to go to school for geeks, which he dreamed of, the characters decide to return to his previous home in Orlando. At the beginning of the 4th season, it turns out that this is impossible: there is already settled a new owner who does not want to move out. Fortunately, Hanni offers Juan to live with her temporarily, not even knowing what consequences it will lead to.

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Episode 5

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Episode 13

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Episode 16

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Episode 17

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Episode 18

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Episode 19

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