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In “Counterpart” season 2 Howard silk has been working for a long time in a large Agency. He is engaged in everyday Affairs, and the promotion may not dream of. The administration is completely satisfied with his position, because he copes with it, which helps them to keep everything under control. It seems that being on a hopeless job you need to think about something else, but recently it has become very busy. Suddenly, the Agency comes identical double Howard. It turns out that the firm is hiding a secret. They were able to create an entrance to a parallel world, and protect it, so that those people who are in that dimension, could not penetrate it. But making a mistake, they miss the girl. She starts killing innocent people, and gradually the city is panic-stricken. The double of the main character says that he will work only with the Gemini, but having different characters, they will have to find a common language quite difficult. The two worlds are under great threat and it will be necessary to do everything possible to prevent this impending disaster. They will have to unite their efforts and try to understand how to act together. This is a huge risk, because their actions affect the future of the whole humanity.

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