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Pamela Adlon, Hannah Alligood, Olivia Edward, Celia Imrie, Mikey Madison, Artemis Pebdani



What is the life of a single mother? Of course, it is very difficult and harsh, and not every woman can withstand such. In order for the child to be well-provided and in no need, the mother must work hard, most often she has to work for two, forgetting about her own interests.Learn after watching “Better Things” season 3.
There’s been a big change in Sam’s girl’s life. Now on her shoulders lies a huge responsibility, which becomes the meaning of life. But the heroine is not discouraged, despite the fact that she does not have a single minute of peace. Sam has three beautiful daughters, whom she must raise and provide for all.
Career heroine did not go up, but her personal life is in order. How can a girl who works not the most popular actress, will win the hearts of the audience? It’s all about her optimism and good mood!

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Episode 1

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Episode 2

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Episode 3

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Episode 4

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Episode 5

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Episode 6

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Episode 7

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Episode 8

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Episode 9

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Episode 10

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Episode 11

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Episode 12

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